2013 Worlds. American Franklin swims to sixth title
Fabio Terrone
Sun Yang (CHN) and Katie Ledecky (USA) won the Fina Trophy best male and female Swimmers

BARCELONA - US swimmer Mikssy Franklin won a record of six gold medal at the World Championships in Barcelona.

Her final gold came in the women's 4x100m medley relay on Sunday night. The American quartet of Franklin, Jessica Hardy, Dana Vollmer and Megan Romano, won in 3:53.23 ahead of Australia and Russia.

Earlier, France finished 1-2 in the men's 50 metres backstroke. Camille Lacourt won in 24.42 while compatriot Stravious tied second place with American Grevers.

After winning the 200 metres breaststroke, Russian Yuliya Efimova easily won gold in the 50m breast ahead of world recorld hoder Meilutyte (Efimova also won the silver medal in the 100 metres event) while the former world champion US swimmer Jessica Hardy was third in a new national record time.

Daiya Seto won the men’s 400 metres individual medley to provide Japan with its first gold medal either in this event and in this World Champs.
Katinka Hosszu of Hungary won the women’s contest ahead of home swimmer Mireia Belmonte Garcia.

Dutch Ranomi Kromowidjojo upset world champion Cate Campbell of Australia to win the women's 50 metres freestyle. Kromowidjojo touched in 24.05, beating the rival by almost one tenth of a second.

Chinese swimming sensation Sun Yang completed a 400-800-1500 freestyle triple by winning the 1500 meters in 14:41.15. Silver went to Canadian Cochrane and bronze to Italy’s Paltrinieri, who set the new national record.

In the men’s 400 metres medley relay, France broke a long time hegemony shared between USA and Australia, winning gold ahead of Australian quartet. The United States were disqualified, while bronze went to Japan.

With 13 golds, 8 silvers and 8 bronzes in pocket, the United States topped the medal tally. China is second with 5 gold medals 2 silver and 2 bronze. France is in third place with 4 golds, 1 silver and 4 bronzes.



1. Yuliya Efimova RUS 29.52
2. Ruta Meilutyte LTU 29.59
3. Jessica Hardy USA 29.80

1. Ranomi Kromowidjojo NED 24.05
2. Cate Campbell AUS 24.14
3. Francesca Halsall GBR 24.30

1. Katinka Hosszu HUN 4:30.41
2. Mireia Belmonte Garcia ESPA 4:31.21
3. Elizabeth Beisel 4:31.69

4X100 MEDLEY Relay
1. United States USA 3:53.23
2. Australia AUS 3:55.22
3. Russia RUS 3:56.47


1. Camille Lacourt FRA 24.42
2. Jeremy Stravious FRA 24.54
2. Matt Grevers USA 24.54

1. Daiya Seto JPN 4:08.69
2. Chase Kalisz USA 4:09.22
3. Thiago Pereira BRA 4:09.48

1. Sun Yang CHN 14:41.15
2. Ryan Cochrane CAN 14:42.28
3. Gregorio Paltrinieri ITA 14:45.37

1. France FRA 3:31.51
2. Australia AUS 3:31.64
3. Japan JPN 3:32.26