Agnel breaks freestyle records
Fabio Terrone
French swimmer Yannick Agnel has set a couple of new short-course mark in the freestyle at the National Championships in Angers

Yannick Agnel of France broke the men's 800 metres freestyle European record at the national short-course championships in Angers this morning.

Agnel swam 7:29.17 seconds to beat the previous record of 7:31.18 set by Italy's Colbertaldo.

European record evolution (Time, Name/Nationality, Place, Date):
7:29.17 Yannick Agnel FRA Angers 16.11.12
7:31.18 Federico Colbertaldo ITA Manchester 19.12.09
7:35.23 Biedermann Paul GER Essen 27.11.08
7:36.24 Hoffmann Jörg GER Malmö 26.01.97

On Thursday, the French swimmer set the new 400 metres freestyle world record winning the national title in 3:32.25, almost half a second better than Germany's Paul Biedermann.

World record evolution (Time, Name/Nationality, Place, Date):
3:32.25 Yannick Agnel FRA Angers 15.11.12
3:32.77 Paul Biedermann GER Berlin 14.11.09
3:34.58 Grant Hackett AUS Sydney 18.07.02
3:35.01 Grant Hackett AUS Hong Kong 01.04.99
3:39.82 Ian Thorpe AUS Perth 25.09.98
3:40.46 Danyon Loader NZL 02.11.95