Britain Names Its Problem Solvers
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British Swimming appoints a rugby expert and an excellent open water swimmer for Games debrief

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The  British swimming federation announced in the wake of the London 2012 Olympic Games that its London 2012 Performance Debrief would be aided by two gurus who could help get to the heart of the problem. 

British Swimming statement:

British Swimming has appointed a panel of experts to support and contribute to its London 2012 Performance Debrief.

Conor O'Shea, the former national director of the English Institute of Sport and current Director of Rugby at Harlequins, is appointed with a strong expertise and understanding of coaching as well as sport science and sport medicine.

Thomas Lurz, a two-time Olympic marathon swimming medallist for Germany in 2008 and 2012, is also appointed and will use his vast experience to contribute to analysis of open water performance.

The panel will be chaired by independent member of the British Swimming Management Board Craig Hunter, with a vast experience of international and Olympic competition, and is completed by British Swimming National Performance Director Michael Scott.

The aim of the debrief is to consider the performance results at the London 2012 Olympics, to determine the reasons for below medal target performance and identify key areas for improvement for inclusion in British Swimming's strategy for Rio and beyond.

It is anticipated to conclude the London 2012 Performance Debrief by the end of October 2012.