Olympics, teenager smashes 400m individual medley world record
Fabio Terrone
Chinese Ye Shiwen breaks the womne's 400 metres individual medlay world record

LONDON - Chinese teenager swimmer Ye Shiwen broke the world record of women's 400 metres individual medley at the Olympic Games on Saturday.

Ye, 16, made a sensational final closing the race in 4:28.43 for gold. Silver went to Elizabeeth Beisel of USA who clocked 4:31.27 and third was compatriot Li Xuanxu in 4:32.91.

The prevoius record was set by Stephanie Rice at the 2008 Games winning gold in 4:29.45.

World record evolution (Time, Name/Nationality, Place, Date):
4:28.43 Ye Shiwen CHN London 28.07.12
4:29.45 Stephanie Rice AUS Beijing 10.08.08
4:31.12 Katie Hoff USA Omaha 29.06.08
4:31.46 Stephanie Rice AUS Sydney 22.03.08
4:32.89 Katie Hoff USA Melbourne 01.04.07
4:33.59 Yana Klochkova UKR Sydney 16.09.00
4:34.79 Yan Chen CHN Shanghai 13.10.97
4:36.10 Petra Schneider GDR Guayaquil 01.08.82
4:36.29 Petra Schneider GDR Moscow 26.07.80
4:38.44 Petra Schneider GDR Magdeburg 27.05.80
4:39.96 Petra Schneider GDR Leningrad 30.03.80
4:40.83 Tracy Caulkins West Berlin 23.08.78