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France at training camp in Tenerife. Dale Oen: 13 different pain killers were found in his blood

France: this weekend, Amiens coach Michel Chrétien, is taking his Olympic charges Jérémy Stravius, Ophélie-Cyrielle Étienne and Benjamin Stasiulis to Tenerife for a last training camp as a club group before final préparations for London 2012. The squad will return home  in time for the Paris Open, on July 6-7. That meet will feature the entire France Olympic team and mark the completion of the form guide for London 2012.

Dale Oen: The German magazine Der Speigel has reported that 13 different pain killers were found in the blood of Alexander Dale One, the Norwegian world 100m breaststroke champion who died on the last day of April at a training camp in Arizona. Autopsy reports cited a blocked artery and a possible hereditary heart condition as the cause of death. The German magazine reveals what it says is another finding from an Indianapolis laboratory: blood analysis found traces of 13 pain killers. If correct, that would demand some answers of those caring for the swimmer.