Roundup of the latest news
Fabio Terrone
Danish Open Mie Nielsen set a couple of nationals backstroke records. French Olympic Trials Stasiulis set 200m back national record

French Olympic Trials. Benjamin Stasiulis, of Amiens Metrolpole, cracked a French record that had stood from a time of shiny suits with a 1:56.39 victory in the 200m backstroke.

The 2012 rank is the following now:

  • 1:54.02 Ryosuke Irie (JPN) 
  • 1:56.39 Benjamin Stasiulis (FRA) 
  • 1:57.59 Matt Grevers (USA) 
  • 1:57.85 Sebastiano Ranfagni (ITA)
  • 1:57.90 Mitch Larkin (AUS)
  • Danish Open. Mie Nielsen, 15-year-old from Aalborg Svømmeklub, set a couple of new nationals records.
    On Saturday Nielsen became the first Danish woman to crack the minute over 100m backstroke winning in 59.69.
    Yesterday she won the 200m backstroke event in 2:11.97; the previous mark was 2:10.27, set by Pernille Larsen in 2009.