Brazillian Relay Team sets World Record

Brazil's four fastest sprinters timed-trialed for a new world record in the men's (25 m pool) 4x100 freestyle with a time of 3:10.45.

The slits of the four swimmers were:
Fernando Scherer 47.27 in the lead-off,
Carlos Jayme 48.49
Alexandra Massura 47.93
Gustavo Borges 46.76 Brazil betters it's own record of 3:12.11 from 1993.

The time trial was announced days ago (conforming to FINA rules) and came at the conclusion of very successful Joes Finkel Trophy competition or Brazilian short course championships held at the Vasco de Gama pool in Rio de Janeiro, Dec 18-20. Where numerous South American and national records were established. The sponsorship from CENTRUM vitamins has sparked renewed interest in record setting in Brazil. There are prize incentives for setting records as follows: 2,000 reais for a national, 2,500r for a South American and 50,000r for a world record.

The competition was on live television on Rede Globe and the finals were at 9am in the morning. The record time trial was held on Sunday at 6 pm.