World Cup 4 Day 1 Report

BEIJING -The fourth stage of the 1999 FINA World Cup, January 5-6 got the Zone 2 portion underway. It's the first of four stages in Asia/Oceania. 16 countries are taking part with over 300 swimmers competing, including a large Chinese contingent of 28 national team members and over 200 provincial swimmers representing 17 different teams.

In the very first women's event, the 200 freestyle Qian Caini, 1:58.29 and Yang Lina, 1:59.31 and Yang Yu with 2:01.17 swept the medals. Chinese womens wimmers were dominant, winning all but one event. The only non Chinese event winner among the women was Kelly Stefanyshyn (CAN) who was first in the 200 backstroke in 2:10.01 over Cathleen Rund (GER) in second with 2:10.12.
Chinese men won four events.

Other winners David Carter (AUS) in the men's 100 freestyle with 49.88. Jorg Hoffmann (GER) 400 freestyle 3:47.06. Lenny Krayzelburg, USA, 100 backststroke 53.49. Jens Kruppa (GER) 200 breaststroke 2:13.06 and Denis Silantiev (UKR) 200 butterfly in 1:56.51.

Some countries sent inexperienced rookies, such as Sweden, Australia and Canada. Others like Germany, Great Britain and the United States has a mixture veterans and newcomers to international competition.

The Medals Table and other info can be found in our Special Events World Cup section.