FINA World Cup 4 - Day 2 Report

BEIJING -Chinese swimmers started off the evening with consecutive wins in the first five events.

At that point Denis Silantiev (UKR) broke the win streak winning the 100 butterfly in 51.79. It was the best performance of the meet. He won the 200 butterfly on the first day and is challenging for the lead in the points race for the fly category with 54. The leader Geoff Huegill (AUS with 57 did not swim in Beijing.

Men's highlights: Nathan Rickard (AUS) won the 50 free in 22.48 over David Carter (AUS) 22.60 who won the 100 free yesterday.

After a spirited battle Deng Qingxon (CHN) touched ahead in the 200 free in 1:48.88 over a fast finishing Guillermo Mediano (ESP) who did 1:49.09.

Jorg Hoffmann (GER) completed the distance double winning the 400 free in 3:47.06 yesterday and the 1500 free today in 14:59.90. Ironically Thomas Lohfink (GER) in finished second in both has enough points to lead the distance points category with 42 for 40 for Hoffmann.

Lenny Krayzelburg (USA) won the 100 back yesterday in 53.49 and took the 200 back with 1:55.39. Stev Theloke (GER) was second in both events but leads in the points race with 34 to 30 for Krayzelburg.

Jens Kruppa (GER) leads in the breaststroke points category with 37 points after winning the 200 breaststroke in 2:13.06 with seconds in the 50 and 100 breaststroke.

Xie Xufeng (CHN) won the 200-400 I.M. with 1:59.74 and 4:14.32. The shorter distance was a new Chinese record.

Women's highlights: Chao Na (CHN) was a double winner in the sprint free with 25.59 in the 50 and 55.31 in the 100.

Chen Hua (CHN) won the distance free double with a 4:07.04 in the 400 and 8:28.58 in the 800. Claudia Poll (CRC) was second in both but closed the gap somewhat in the category points battle with 43 to Rachel Harris (AUS) with 50 who did not compete here.

Surprising Kelly Stefanyshyn (CAN) moved into the lead in the backstroke category with 41 after winning the 200 back in 2:10.01 and placing second in the 100. Lu Donghua (CHN) won the 50 and 100 back with 28.79 and 1:01.15 respectively.

Li Wei (CHN) was top breaststroker with wins in the 50 in 31.45 and 100 in 1:08.60.

Hu Ning (CHN) won the 200 butterfly with 2:11.22, and after a third in the 100 butterfly on the first night has a strangle hold on the points race in the butterfly category with 57. She has competed on all four World Cups to date. Hu, a 15-year-old is from the city of Dalian in Liaoning province and has been among the top three flyers in China for the past two years. Plans for competing in European world cups have not been finalized, according to her coach Zhan Fugang, Participation in the FINA Short Course Worlds Championships next April is not yet definite. At last year's world cup in Beijing she won this event in 2:09.12.

Bo Ning (CHN) winner of the 400 I.M. in 4:43.07 moved into the points lead in this category with 46.

It was a great competition for China, they fielded a full 28 member national team and over 200 club swimmers. Other visiting swimmers were back in heavy training or were here for the experience-long travel, short acclimatization. A good time was had by all, with many visiting the Great Wall or the Forbidden City of the old emperors.

Notes: There are eight television channels in China. Chanel 5 is devoted exclusively to sport. The finals both nights were televised live. Estimated potential audience 150 million. It took 90 people to run the meet including meet officials and members of the organizing committee.