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Danish Nationals History
The first championships were held before the foundation of the Danish Swimming Association on April 6, 1907. From 1896-1906 the meet was organized by the Danish Sports Federation (DIF).

In all of these years the championships were at the slipway of the naval dockyard in the Copenhagen Harbour. The site included 50 and 100 m pools. The competitors and the spectators were transported by boat from central Copenhagen to the naval dockyard.

The first champions were Edgar Aabye and I.P. Müller in 100 m free (2.05,4) and 1 mile (43.11,4).
The women had their first winner in 1909: Elisabeth Kanneworff won 100 m free in the time of 1.46,0.

Most individual titles:
Men: Lars Larsson has won 32 golds from 1953-1962.
Women: Mette Jacobsen has won 55 golds from 1987-1998.
Franck B. Jensen