Hall Suspended For Positive Marijuana Test

Gary Hall Jr's provisional suspension from competition by FINA is believed to be for a positive marijuana test during an out of competition test in May.

Hall has said he will fight the allegation. As it stands at this time he will be unable to take part in next month's Goodwill Games competition. It's not known at this time whether or not he will be able to compete at US Nationals in Clovis Calif. Aug. 11-15. The Nationals will determine part of the US roster for many of next year's competitions.

Last year FINA added marijuana to its list of banned subnstances, although it is not considered a performance enhancing drug, it does carry a 3 month suspension. Hall would be the second swimmer suspended by FINA for marijuana use. The last suspension to Scott Miller of Australia lasted 2 months.

Hall's B sample will be tested next week and he will then have a chance to present his case to the FINA doping panel.