Angel Martino Making Comeback

It was announced today that 6-time Olympic Medalist, Angel Martino has officially started her comeback after nearly 18 months off. During that time Martino gave birth to her first child.

Martino, one of the most decorated female swimmers in American History has decided after a brief retirement that her love for swimming has brought her back to the sport she has enjoyed such tremendous worldwide success. Martino feels that she still has the determination and skills at 31 years old to help America achieve its place as the dominate force in swimming throughout the World.

Additionally, Martino has signed with Los Angeles based Premier Management Group (PMG), a sports marketing agency specializing in athletes in swimming, diving and water polo. PMG's President Evan Morgenstein was honored when asked about Angel joining his agency, "I'm excited about the opportunity to work with someone like Angel that has given so much of herself to the sport. Even more importantly, Angel has shown that she is even a better person than swimmer." MArtino gave one of her Olympic medals in 1996 to a friend that was stricken with cancer.

Premier Management Group represents Olympians with 14 medals including Josh Davis, Brad Schumacher and Gustavo Borges in swimming, 7-time World's Best Female Water Polo player, Maureen O'Toole and 3-time National Champion & 1998 U.S. Diver of the Year, Mark Ruiz.