Quick End to 2nd German Doping Trial

While the doping trials of the former doctors and coaches of the Dynamo Swim Club continues in Berlin with our own Karin Helmstaedt in the courtroom. The second trial of two doctors and three swimming coaches from the former TSC Club (Berlin) has begun and ended.

All five members of the TSC Club arrived at the court prepared to make confessions in which they expressed "regret" and "apologised" for there actions. The next day, the court reached a quick verdict.

Charged with grievous bodily harm for having administered anabolic steroids were Dr. Ulrich Suender, Dr. Dorit Roesler, and former coach Peter Mattonet. They received fines of between 7,000 DM and 27,000 DM. Two other coaches, Bernd Christochowitz and Klaus Klemenz were given lesser fines of 7,500 DM and 3,000 DM respectively.

Based on reports from Karin Helmstaedt in Berlin.